Thursday, January 4, 2007

Yale Art Gallery:Kahn Reopens

Concrete Love
I have a job in sales. I travel all over the state of Connecticut and am discovering many of its wonderful aspects. My latest love and discovery is the newly renovated Louis Kahn building at the Yale Art Gallery.
First of all, while it was undergoing renovation, I barely noticed it. The Kahn building is attached to the other part of the Yale Art Gallery (the part that is Gothic), across the street from the Yale School of Architecture and the Yale Rep Theater. For some reason, as many times as I have crossed those streets, I never noticed the Kahn building. That period of my life is over. The Concrete Age has begun. Cement is what one mixes with other media to achieve concrete. Concrete as an art form had been lost on me. The British Art Gallery at Yale felt like one big concrete building. Utilitarian at best, boring at worst. I tried to love the building but it didn't love me back. At the YAL:LKB I saw the intricacies of concrete. As I looked closely I could see the patterns left by the wood forms on the concrete. The knot in the pine is now the knot in concrete. The familiarity is understood even if the medium is different. On a Thursday night like tonight, the gallery is open until 8:00. It is empty, hardly anyone there. The perfect evening to explore.

Sol LeWitt
Any building that has a Sol LeWitt in its lobby automatically moves to the front of the line. In fact if Sol LeWitt wanted to use my house as a canvas, I would let him. My town would probably pitch a fit and I would hire a lawyer just for the privilege of letting two types of Sol shine on my house.

Cocktails Anyone?
To the right of Mr. LeWitt's work is what you might call a lobby with sofas but really, let's spin it. It is a chic seating area. Put a bar in there and you have a New York style lounge. There is an information area between the LeWitt and the reception area. As for the museum shop? I heard someone ask if this was the museum shop while standing in the middle of it. You will not be buying calendars, mugs, scarves or notepads here. Books and postcards are all that's available.
On the other hand, where can I get one of those chairs? Perhaps Design Within Reach.

Susan Morse Hilles Sculpture Courtyard
There are two courtyards at the Gallery. At night, the one on the first floor ha
s a beautifully illuminated sculpture. I couldn't find the information placard anywhere. Doesn't matter, it's beautiful. This photo is of the door leading out to the courtyard; you can see the illuminated sculpture and the reflection of a painting in the lobby.

It's Winter.
Okay, then let's pretend winter's here. If you had a coat, scarf, umbrella and packages what do you do with it all? Chic lockers await.

Kahn you wait until the next post?
I realize there is a lot to this gallery, it's getting late, so I will leave you with a photo of a photo of Mr. Louis Kahn.

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